Hot Water Tank Installation and Repair Services in Athens, OH

Call TrueBlu Plumbing for Essential Hot Water Tank Services

Fresh hot water is essential for a comfortable lifestyle. Not only does it make showers and bathing more enjoyable, it is necessary to speed up cooking times and helps with cleaning. When your water is not heating up effectively or your supply is running out too quickly, your hot water tank may be to blame. Whether you need a repair or a replacement, TrueBlu Plumbing is the company to call. We have the skills and equipment to get the job done quickly and correctly: (740) 590-5400.

Solve Hot Water Tank Problems with Professional Results

TrueBlu Plumbing always meets or beats any competitor prices on hot water tanks. Every hot water tank is different, and that can mean a drop in quality. We use Rheem hot water tanks exclusively. Rheem is one of the top brands in the industry, with an expected life of 15 years. You can extend the life of your hot water tank by calling TrueBlu Plumbing to perform routine maintenance. We can come out to drain it once a year and to replace the anode rod when needed. Anode rods act as a lure for electrolysis, keeping the interior walls of the hot water tank from rusting as quickly. They are sacrificial, and when they are completely corroded the water starts to attack the lining of the hot water tank itself, leading to leaks and possible failure of the hot water tank.

Dependable Hot Water Tank Installation and Replacement Services

TrueBlu repairs all types of water heaters, from traditional tanks and tankless, to instant and hybrid units. We can handle any small business or residential water heater installations and repairs. Contact us today to schedule an estimate or needed service! Call TrueBlu Plumbing at (740) 590-5400.

Expansion Tanks Keep You Warm and Not Dry

We also install expansion tanks for water heaters, because nearly every hot water tank requires an expansion tank. TrueBlu Plumbing installs and services recirculating pumps to provide hot water to all of your house. Whatever challenge your water presents, TrueBlu Plumbing can meet it!

TrueBlu Water Heater and Hot Water Tank Services

TrueBlu Plumbing gives free quotes and estimates for plumbing services at residential properties. We offer a 10% Discount for Military Veterans, Police and First Responders.

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