Prep Sink Installation and Service in Athens, OH

What is a Prep Sink or Bar Sink?

A bar sink or prep sink is an additional sink that is installed in your kitchen to assist with standard food or drink preparation (prep). A prep sink greatly increases efficiency, especially in kitchens where more than one person is cooking or cleaning at a time.

Why Do I Need a Prep Sink?

Like most luxury items, you do not realize how much you love having a prep sink until you have one installed by TrueBlu Plumbing. A prep sink allows you to carry out more tasks in the kitchen at the same time. For instance, you can have the kids wash the dishes while you are in there with them to supervise. But an additional sink opens up all kinds of other possibilities as well. Use it for food preparation and keep raw meats away from your main counter area. Use it for cocktails and leave the main sink available for other uses. You can even have TrueBlu Plumbing install one in your kitchen island to encourage conversation when that dinner party moves into the kitchen, as they always do. Call us to discuss your options!

Keep Your Prep Sink Working Well

When the occasional clog or wear and tear interferes with the daily functioning of your prep or bar sink, contact TrueBlu Plumbing to get the solution and to get it fast. Why tolerate the interruption of an inoperative sink? Our plumbing pros at TrueBlu Plumbing can get your prep sink working properly in no time. This allows your production to resume its regular flow. TrueBlu Plumbing offers same day plumbing service and provides emergency plumbing service 24/7. (740) 590-5400.

Please do not hesitate to call or contact us with your prep sink questions. We welcome new customers. Bookmark our website and save our phone number in case of emergency. TrueBlu Plumbing gives free quotes and estimates for plumbing services at residential properties. We offer a 10% Discount for Military Veterans, Police and First Responders.

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